You can register for the 2023 Adirondack Nationals online!!!

Online registration is finally here!

How to register online starting February 1, 2023.

Step 1: Once registration is opened you navigate to the new website and hit the register now button at the top of the page.

Step2: Fill out the registration submission form and you will be redirected to a confirmation page with these instructions on it.

Step 3: Await the arrival of your entrance acceptance email that has a link to pay your registration online (expect it around March 1st).

Step 4: Once your registration is paid, await the email that lists your vehicle information and registration number. This is what you will need to print and bring with you to the car show.

NOTE: The email you use to register is how we track your vehicle registration, please do not use a different email at any point in the registration process.

What if I want to use snail mail?

Well we are encouraging everyone to use the digital steps above to register as it saves us days of work and allows us to focus on other aspects of running the show. If you insist on using paper we will still accept paper registration forms the old way but once we get your paper and you are entered into the show you will need an email address because ALL SHOW ENTRANCE PAPERWORK WILL BE EMAILED REGARDLESS OF THE METHOD YOU SIGN UP.

So what that means is you can still send checks in the mail but once we receive it we will add you to the digital list and email back your registration confirmation that has your entrance number and vehicle information that you need to print and produce on show day to get in.

Should I do both?

For all you people thinking you will do the online form and the mail form to increase chances of getting in, rest assured that will not work and it makes more work for us.


The best way to ensure your information gets to us is the online submission form as it wont get damaged or lost in the mail. Once you hit submit and see the confirmation of application we immediately have your information.