Payment link is not working
This can occur for a few different reasons so if this is the case click here.
What emails should be used in the payment form?
The same email you used to register on the website so we can be sure to mark your vehicle paid.
I have paid but did not get my entrance ticket?

Once we have reconciled all payments we will send out entrance tickets for each car individually. This will be sent via email prior to May 2023.

Why will my payment not go through?

The two common reasons a payment will not go through is insufficient funds, or address given does not match address on file with the credit card being used (including zip code).

I have used a single email address for multiple car registrations but only one email?

Due to email being the way we track cars we are sending out emails with multiple cars registered in a seperate lists. This means you will get one email with all your listed cars. Rest assured if we don’t receive a payment on a car we will reach out to ensure you received an em

How do I pay for multiple registrations?

Each car registered needs to pay the registration fee of $77.55. If you have two cars you need to chek out twice paying $77.55 each time. If you have three cars you need to check out three times. One transaction is required for every single car you register. If you are only registering one car then you only need to check out once.

Payment form gives me a phone number error?

This occurs if you have a pre filled phone number from your browser and does not fit with the checkout patter. Enter your phone number manually and ensure you start with country code (1xxxxxxxxxx) no dashes and no hyphens. You can also click the flag icon and select your country to ensure it is correct.